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Whenever I find myself in Oceanside, I always make a point to hit up my favorite little coffee stand by the harbor, Nautical Bean. Not only is it located right next to the Oceanside Harbor (providing its guests with some gorgeous views of the water and its beautiful ships), but it also serves some awesome coffee at an excellent price. The service is also something to take note of, as the stand is family-owned and it’s clear that the employees here really take the time out to make each drink special. (It’s even been rumored that the owners shop the world for coffee beans. Talk about some passion and dedication!)
So next time you’re hankering for a cup of some real quality brew, take a trip to Oceanside Harbor, grab a cup and then take a stroll around the harbor. It won’t be long until you’ll see what I mean.
Pretty soon, you’ll want to ditch Starbucks for this any day, no matter how far (or close) you are from beautiful Oceanside.
Want more than my say? Check out Nautical Bean’s awesome 4.5 star rating on Yelp:

And of course, the website

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