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17 April 2013
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If there is one thing Southern Californians know and appreciate it is a good burrito. If you are in search of a big, beautiful burrito, then Oceanside is the perfect place for you. Below is a list of our contenders for best burritos spots in Oceanside, but there are definitely more places out there. If your favorite place is not in the list, leave a comment and let us know about it!


La Perla Tapatia


“My BF and I just moved to the neighborhood about a month ago. He wandered by this place a few weekends back to get a quick lunch and got his standby taco shop fare–California burrito. He was raving about it and insisted I try it. I dont even really care for California burritos, but OMG this was amazing.” Yelp Review: Tundrah T.


Alberto’s Mexican Food


“I eat here several times a month. This is some of the best Mexican food I have found in North County. I usually get the California burrito because they are consistently huge and never take more than a few minutes. This location accepts ATM and cash.” Yelp Review: Shea C.


Victoria’s Mexican Food


“I love the breakfast burritos here! They are seriously the best breakfast burritos I have ever had, and their salsa is the icing on the cake. The salsa is also my favorite of any mexican food place I have been to as well….the perfect amount of garlic and kick and it ups the yum factor of the food for sure.” Yelp Review: Jessica G.


Diego’s Mexican Food


“Enormous portions, consistent, not stingy with the salsa/hotsauce, and always so tasty! My favorite is the California Burrito with Sour cream. I dont like Pico de gallo in my California burrito and it doesnt come with it here so I don’t have to worry about it. The Chorizo burrito was just something else! Enormous, and good amount of eggs but mostly chorizo. My absolute favorite Mexican food joint! Even above Albertos which I love love love love!” Yelp Review: Surfbunny B.


Armando’s Mexican Food


“Excellent Food!!  Huge portions!!  Extremely cheap for the amount of food!  I can barely finish the burritos most of the time!  I NEVER pass by Oceanside without stopping here!” Yelp Review: Stacy S.

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