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Beach Break Cafe in Oceanside, CaliforniaDon’t get stuck in a rut! Explore and discover the local gems that make Oceanside so unique.

Sam Oliver, a California Welcome Center-Oceanside Volunteer, is excited to share one of his favorite Oceanside breakfast spots, Beach Break Café, in South Oceanside.

Immediately when you walk into Beach Break Café the ambiance hits you. At least 30 surfboards adorn the walls and ceilings. If the surf boards are not enough to remind you that you are in a surf town, then surely the endless number of surf pictures will.

“Welcome! We will seat you in just a moment.”

I find the service at Beach Break Cafe out of this world! Beach Break Café owners Zell and Gary Dwelley and their staff are extremely friendly. They offered me a complimentary cup of coffee while we were waiting to be seated.

The food? The food is AMAZING! They have a very extensive menu. Some of my top picks are the 4 egg omelets (my favorites are the lobster and shrimp omelet, the ABC omelet –avocado, bacon and cheese- and the vegetarian omelet), the yummy banana french toast, the coffee cake that is to die for, the turkey Italian sausage and the enormous pancakes that cover your plate!

This is a local restaurant that started out small and now has a beautiful new restaurant in South Oceanside on the corner of South Coast Highway and Cassidy. Get ready for the second Beach Break Café location to open January 2012 in the beautiful Oceanside Harbor.

Beach Break Café is a 5 star restaurant that people from all over the area travel to Oceanside just to eat here!

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